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Little things

I’ve been up to my neck in real life things that have kept my attention away from updating this. So I thought that I’d quickly share some of the little things that I’ve loved about SoMa this week.

-The guy at the corner bodega who, after a year of me living in the hood, has finally started to recognize me and ask me how my day is going. The other day he gave me a free lighter, a gesture that seems even more generous when he’s standing under a sign that says “NO CREDIT, NO IOUS. PAY CASH.”

-Being able to quite literally stumble home from seeing all my friends at DNA Lounge.

-The dive bar that is actually still a non-ironic, honest-to-god dive bar. Where there’s always a seat, and the joke box plays Kid Rock bumped up against Arcade Fire.

-Wicked Grounds, the resident kinky coffee shop. I’m so happy  that they were able to reopen after having to close because of financial difficulty. There is nothing like being able to enjoy a pot of tea while having your boots lovingly polished by a friend.

-The busker at Civic Center every morning who plays accordion covers of popular songs. He’s always paired with an ancient looking dog who is always sprawled on his back, legs in the air, waiting for someone to rub his belly. The pair is my favorite part of my morning commute to work.

-The street art. From the now-painted-over Banksy piece down the street to the graffiti proclaiming that “ALL THE TAR IN THIS CITY SUCKS,” I love every bit of it. From the good to the bad to the ugly, I love all the art that is united in its transience.

Sorry for the brief post. I promise to return to long-form stuff next week!

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